Small Space Gardening

Small Space Gardening

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Small Space Gardening

All our living spaces are tight these days. With more and more urbanites living in apartment buildings, many people feel like there isn’t any space to grow plants at home. But you don’t have to give up your hopes of a beautiful, lush garden just to live in a densely growing city. You just might need to turn your way of thinking about the problem on its side–literally. You can actually achieve a lot by small space gardening.

DIY Garden, Living wall, lattice

“But my balcony is so small!” you exclaim.

The SmallSpace Grardening Trend

Never fear– small space gardening is quite the fast-growing trend (pun intended!). You might be surprised how much you can grow when you see your possible plot going up a wall vertically, instead of taking up space on the ground. Just ask Lorenzo Cryer, a local horticulturist, certified chef, and garden design expert at Dig Dug Done, who helps clients feeling squeezed to get growing space they never knew they had.

DIY Garden, Living wall, lattice

Cryer’s clients achieve this with Sunbury Cedar trellising and planter boxes outside kitchen windows, balconies, corners, and outdoor walls that need sprucing up. The cedar trellis system is made up of locally sourced products including felt pockets for vertical growing.

DIY Garden, Living wall, lattice

Cryer’s keen ability to view the space, understand the customer’s needs, and visualise the finished product helps his clients grow food, herbs, and flowers. You can grow any soft plants up to the size of small shrubs vertically.

What You Can Grow

Herb panels like oregano, thyme, and trailing rosemary are popular among kitchen growers, and so are winter greens like arugula and coriander. One of Lorenzo’s clients installed a vertical panel of tomatoes in April, and when it fully filled out in July, it yielded almost eight kilos of fruit.

“But wait – how can you get such a strong crop from a small space, when plants can’t stretch out their roots and absorb nutrients far and deep into the ground?” you ask.

DIY Garden, Living wall, lattice

Cryer says the real secret to small space gardening is in the soil: his soil and organic mix include steer manure, cocoa fibre, and peat to help the pockets stay wetter longer.

“My theory is, what happens above ground is only 25% to 30% of the growing process. What you do with the soil is 70%,” Cryer says.

Installation and Maintenance

After the system is installed and the plants are in place, they only need adequate light, water, pruning, and seasonal maintenance (depending on whether the plants are perennial or annual). They don’t require feeding. A string of growing lights fixed to the trellis can help you keep your vertical garden growing all year ‘round if you desire.

“The only real issue unique to small space gardening is, where does the water go when you water the panels? Make sure that you’re not inflicting it on downstairs neighbors!” Cryer remarks.

One bonus of the cedar trellis system is that condo-dwellers need not worry about attaining permission from their strata council to make suite modifications that would affect the building. The sturdy cedar trellis stands perfectly on its own, without needing to be attached to the building. By trellising into planters and securing them properly, your vertical garden can go up and down easily without repairs if you sell your home.

But with your own little vertical garden of Eden at home, who says you’d ever want to move?

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact Lorenzo at Dig Dug Done at 604-880-8538.