Why Garden Cedar Sheds Are the Smart Choice

Looking for more storage space? A garden shed is a beautiful and handy addition to any backyard. Great for storing garden tools, lawnmowers, snowblowers, bags of soil, planting pots, and just about anything else that is cluttering your home, a beautifully crafted garden shed is the answer to all your storage problems. But with so many cedar shed types and styles to choose from, it can be a little tricky finding the right one. Here are just some of the reasons why garden cedar sheds are the smart choice.

Cedar keeps its shape

Many types of wood warp in harsh weather conditions—but not cedar. This wood is super solid, capable of keeping its shape no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. From rainy or snowy winters to dry and hot summers, a garden cedar shed is the all-weather solution that won’t shrink or swell.

Resistant to rot

British Columbia gets its fair share of wet weather. Natives to the Pacific Northwest, cedars know this fact quite well. Because of the exposure to huge amounts of damp weather, these trees have developed water-resistant properties to protect them from fungus and mildew. So, if you have a garden shed made from cedar, you won’t have to worry about rot damage.

Insect repellant

Worried that insects are going to make a snack out of your garden shed? Believe it or not, cedar is naturally resistant to insects too. Unlike many types of wood, cedar not only looks amazing, but also fends off destructive insects, making it the ideal bug-proof choice for garden sheds.


Protecting the environment is a major concern for many homeowners. Everyone wants to do their part to protect the Earth and preserve resources—and choosing cedar garden sheds can help homeowners do just that. Compared with manufacturing plastic, vinyl, or steel sheds, cedar sheds are far less damaging to the environment.

Smells amazing

As if you needed any more reasons to choose this strong, gorgeous garden shed option, cedar also smells fantastic. If you want to bring the great outdoors into the comfort of your own backyard, nothing compares with the aroma of cedar wood.

Make no mistake, investing in a cedar garden shed makes perfect sense. Metal, plastic, and vinyl sheds simply can’t compare with the charm, beauty, and versatility of a cedar shed.

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