fences since 1974

Sunbury has been building custom cedar fences since 1974.  We choose top quality, locally harvested cedars only from suppliers we know and trust. Cedar Fencing is in Sunbury’s DNA.

When we build cedar fences in residential, strata, or commercial spaces in Vancouver, we generally don’t bring in panels, but rather build custom fences from the wood we have chosen.  We create a fence that fits your property, the first time.

We know the Lower Mainland, and know how to build your fence for the constantly changing weather. Our cedar fences with proper maintenance will last 25-30 years. Key factors that we consider when building your fence for longevity include;

  • We use pressure treated material for any components that come into contact with the ground
  • We set posts in concrete
  • Our fence design and construction ensure there are no traps for water to accumulate
  • We use stainless steel and/or galvanized fasteners

Contact Sunbury today for your hassle-free, long lasting cedar fence today.