Sunbury Fencing Blog

Sunbury Fencing Tips and Tricks: Design Ideas, Maintenance Tips, and things to think about before your start building that next fence, deck, pergola, padoga, shed, or gazebo.  Can you build a fence yourself? How do you pick quality wood and materials?  Should you buy a pre-made kit or panels, or are you better off hiring a team of experienced building pros?

You want your deck, fence or shed to last for years.  At Sunbury, we build with locally sources cedar, the perfect wood for our climate.  It also looks amazing when part of a well constucted project.  We have extensive experience in the west coast weather … from constant rain to snow and ice to occasional long, hot summers.  Look for design ideas and other fencing tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your ideal back yard.

At Sunbury Fencing, we have been building quality fences, decks, and more for over 3 decades, and we are happy to share with you some key tips and ideas we have learned along the way.