Building a fence on your property is a great way to increase privacy, boost security, and up your home’s curb appeal. And like many people, you might be on the fence about taking on a DIY fence project. But there is a lot more to installing a fence than digging a few holes. If you are asking yourself, “Should I do it myself or hire the pros?”, here are some of the reasons to choose professional fence installation.

Get the job done right

Installing your fencing yourself might sound like a good idea, but things can go south fast if you don’t know what you are doing. Sure, anyone can hammer away at a fence, but only the pros know the best nailing patterns and how to properly work with the wood. With professional fencing installation, you can rest easy knowing your fence will stand the test of time.

An iron-clad warranty

When it comes to building a fence, you really do get what you pay for. It might be tempting to hire a handyman to install your fence, but what happens if you are not satisfied with the results? Without a warranty, you could be on the hook for shoddy work. At Sunbury Cedar, we stand behind our warranty, guaranteeing you are completely satisfied with our fence installation service.

Best access to quality wood

A fence is only as good as the wood it is made from. Unlike the average homeowner, professionals have access to the highest quality, locally-harvested wood, offering you superior fencing. Why choose second-rate fencing materials when you don’t have to? Going with the pros means getting the best wood possible for all your fence installation needs.

Great customer service

A professional fence installation business has the friendly, qualified staff to deliver the best customer service possible. You will not only get a dedicated project manager working for you, but also have the advantage of after sales follow up.

Better logistic options

Successfully installing a fence takes the right amount of know-how and planning. With a professional team on your side, they will handle all the details of the installation process, from the initial placement options to finished product, complete with the exact specifications and features your home deserves.

There are many fun, easy DIY projects to dig into out there. Fence installation isn’t one of them. Leaving your fencing work to the experts will save you time, money, and effort—not to mention a yard full of headaches and hassles.

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