Cedar Fencing

At Sunbury, we have been building custom cedar fences since 1974.  We choose top quality, locally harvested cedars only from suppliers we know, and get all our cedar materials from the mill next door to our shop.

When we build cedar fences in residential, strata, or commercial spaces in Vancouver, we generally don’t bring in panels, but rather build custom fences from the wood we have chosen.  We create a  fence that fits your property.

We know the Lower Mainland, and know how to build your fence  for the constantly changing weather.  Our cedar fences will stand up to the winter rains, and won’t dis-colour quickly in our hot summers when a proper stain is applied.

We build Cedar fences that will last.  Cedar is known for its lasting properties and resistance to decay.  With proper maintenance our installed fences will last 25-30 years. 

Vinyl Fencing

Looking for maintenance free? Vinyl is the way to go. Offered in many styles, colors, and qualities. We supply and install commercial grade vinyl fencing that will last a lifetime.

Can Supply Wholesale Vinyl Fences, also known as PVC Fences, are unmatched in quality due to our unique manufacturing techniques which are made for the extreme weather of Canada. CSW uses mono extrusion and co-extrusion techniques with 100% virgin vinyl and a minimum 10 parts per 100 of Dupont Ti02 ultraviolet inhibitors. Our mono extrusion technology ensures the UV inhibitors are evenly distributed throughout the entire fence to provide the best protection to last a lifetime. Our co-extrusion colour line of fences offer unmatched UV protection to ensure your fence will look great for many years. PVC fencing is an excellent option to handle variable weather with minimal upkeep.

Simtek Fencing

The beauty of wood, without the maintenance. The looks of stone without the cost. Simtek offers a very high end look, graffiti-resistant, and a limited life time warranty.

Concrete Fencing

Comes in a verity of styles and textures including traditional stone and wood looks. Steel reinforced, and exceptional sound reduction. Often used for properties backing onto a noisy street.

Sound Barrier Fencing

Red cedar fences make excellent sound barriers, particularly if they are built as solid privacy fences. Sound waves bounce off of dense material, so the thicker the more dense the fence is, the better it will reflect sound waves.        

Trex Fencing

Trex Composite Fencing is the perfect solution to any fencing need. Between its incredible wind rating and the rigorous testing you can be certain that Trex  will withstand anything that nature can throw against it. 

Chainlink Fencing

Extremely durable, high security, and the least expensive.  We offer chain link fencing for industrial as well as residential applications.


Our story

Sunbury is a dedicated construction company specializing in fencing, decking, and backyard structures. Our company has been changing the local landscape for decades, quite literally. Since 1974, we’ve been supplying Greater Vancouver with exceptional service, high quality construction, and professional project management. Our experienced sales team is committed to providing all of our customers with first hand, experienced service. Trust the pro’s.