professional vinyl fence installers

Sunbury Fencing is a professional vinyl fence installer specializing in large and small scale vinyl fence installations throughout BC’s Lower Mainland. If you are looking for maintenance free, vinyl is the way to go. Offered in many styles, colors, and qualities. We supply and install commercial grade vinyl fencing that will last a lifetime.

Vinyl can be initially more expensive than other materials, but there really is no comparison as to maintenance and replacement cost, Vinyl is King (or Queen)! We have listed just few benefits to vinyl fencing;

  • Vinyl will never need repainting
  • Vinyl is easy to maintain and clean
  • Vinyl fencing is recyclable and is often made FROM recycled materials
  • Vinyl is UV protected
  • Vinyl does not require sealants or stains for maintenance
  • Vinyl has 5 times the tensile strength to wood
  • Vinyl will never be effected by insects
  • Vinyl is fire resistant (flash point of 900 degrees Fahrenheit) and is categorized as being “self extinguishing”

Sunbury Fencing is proud to offer a fleet of vinyl products and finishes. Call today for a hassle-free vinyl fence installation experience!

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