TREX DECKING | Cedar Decking | Pressure Treated Decking| Hardwood Decking


Unlike wood, Trex composite decking won’t:


  • Rot, warp or splinter
  • Need seasonal painting, sealing or staining
  • Fade or stain
  • Become food for termites

Cedar Decking

An authentic Western Red Cedar deck with material sourced right from the West Coast!

At Sunbury Fencing, we can build the deck that you envision for your property with premium, locally sourced cedar.  When installed properly, Cedar decks can last for decades, even in the wet west coast weather.

Call our team today and get a competitive quote on building the deck that will give you the most enjoyment from your yard or property. 

  • A west Coast Classic
  • Warm rich tones that other types of decking try to replicate
  • Naturally resists rot & decay
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Locally sourced

Pressure Treated Decking

ACQ is an arsenic and chromium-free wood preservative made of copper oxide and a quaternary compound.

It was introduced in North America in 1992 and has a 20-year history of safe, effective use.   Registered by the PMRA of Health Canada, ACQ is the most widely-sold pressure-treated wood in Canada.  ACQ pressure-treated wood is also standardized by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA-O80) and meets all applicable major model building code requirements in Canada.

ACQ is listed by the NAHB’s Research Center’s Home Innovation Program as an NGBS Green Certified Product for Resource Efficiency and is eligible to contribute points towards the certification of homes and buildings under the National Green Building Standard™.  ACQ wood preservative won the 2002 US EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Recycled copper is used in the making of the ACQ, reducing the carbon footprint of its manufacture.

  •  Less expensive
  •  Pressure Treated Hemlock/Fir
  • Treated to prevent rot and insect damage

Hardwood Decking

“KAYU® – Batu ™ Is a Red Balau Hardwood Species. It Is as Versatile as It Is Uniquely Beautiful; Darker Reddish-Brown in Color and Skillfully Selected; Since 1974, we’ve been  Extensive Worldwide Importing of Hardwoods for the U.S. And Canadian Markets.”

  • Red Batu, Yellow Batu and IPE
  • Very durable
  • Exotic wood colors
  • Price is in between high end cedar and low end composite