DIY Railing Kits

DIY Railing Kits

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DIY Railings Made Easy

Do you want to add beautiful railings to frame your space? It can be easier than you think! If you want to focus on planning the perfect layout, and making it a reality in as little as an afternoon, consider a pre-cut railing kit. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right railing kit for your taste and budget, what you need, and tips for making your project a success.

Benefits of a railing kit

Whether you’re updating, renovating, or starting from scratch, a high-quality railing kit gives the interior or exterior of your property a consistent, beautiful look, and saves you all kinds of headaches in assembly.


An all-in-one kit of pre-cut materials like this one from BW Creative Railing’s saves you time measuring, cutting, and drilling.

Choosing your railing kit

“BW Creative’s premium kits are made of Western Red Cedar with no knots and a beautiful grade. We also offer a Western Pine, which is a green-treated product. It’s a bit of a knotti-er product, which will be seen, but it’s great for a budget piece, or if you’re trying to match an existing project.” – Scott Rolufs, Sales Manager at BW Creative

Costs and Savings

A railing kit from BW Creative Railings will cost anywhere from $17 to $100 per lineal foot. To save money, remember, in some cases you can get a kit to cover multiple sections of your project, so plan out your project carefully to make sure you’re not wasting material. You’ll also need to remember not to exceed certain lengths between posts, at least every 6 feet.

Skills and Tools You’ll Need

This project isn’t difficult if you are comfortable:

  • Taking accurate measurements,
  • Cutting the wood with a saw or power tool,
  • Drilling pilot holes, and
  • Fastening everything together to the deck (store assistants can show you how to do this right).

Make sure you have access to:

Installation Process

Before you start, make sure you know what the coding compliances are for your area. BW Creative has documentation of the stamping that’s available, which you can show an inspector or the city before you start a job, if needed.

Need help?

If you get stuck, need help or have a problem, don’t panic. Talk to the staff at the store: they’re knowledgeable about the product, and have a good grasp of deck building. You can also check the How-To video, and read through the instructions again – you’ll find pictures and diagrams throughout that will help you make sure you’re installing it correctly. If all else fails, you can call the BW Creative Sales Team.

Learn more

You can learn more about BW Creative Railings at

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