What is the Cost of Building a Cedar Fence

How much will it cost to build a new fence? The grade of the materials you use, the style of the fence, and the height of the fence will largely determine your cost of building a cedar fence per linear foot. Other factors that impact the cost include the addition of gates or other special features, and the terrain or any obstacles that the fence is being built on.

When you are building fences to survive in our wet west coast weather, you cut corners at your peril. Lower Mainland residents know that a fence that needs to last for years needs to sometimes stand up to a month of solid rain without picking up any rot, or a month of solid sunshine without cracking or drying out. There can also be heavy snow and very moist freeze-thaw cycles through the winter months that will lead to the quick deterioration of a fence built poorly or with sub-par materials.

At Sunbury Fencing, our custom, hand-built fences will generally range from $30 to up to $75 per linear foot. The style and height of your fence and the grade of material you use will largely determine where the cost of your fence falls within that range. If your fence needs to be built on steep slopes or rocky terrain, if access to the building area is not easy, and/or if we have to remove and dispose of an older fence, then you can end up at the very top of that range.

We have created the “Sunbury Fence  Cost Calculator” to help you get an idea what your fence will cost. It is a great place to start if you want a ballpark budget and to help you consider some of the options and what they may cost.

While we almost exclusively use cedar for our panels and can source it at great prices, better grades of cedar will cost more. Not surprisingly, a higher fence will need more materials and cost more. Adding gates – whether across a pathway or a driveway, will also add to the cost.

Different situations require different types of fences. Is the fence just delineating a property line? Or will it need to stand up to soccer balls and hockey pucks or materials being stored against it? How important is the look of the fence? Different people have different needs, and we would be happy to discuss the best option for your yard, property, strata, or business and come up with a solution that fits your needs and budget.

A basic picket fence is often the least expensive way to go, but picket fences do not offer any privacy. At best they keep the kids in and your neighbour’s dog out of your yard.

The inexpensive, popular choice is the privacy fence. If you’d rather keep it basic, the simple privacy fence will fit your needs. The privacy fence offers just that, privacy. Without the extra costs and complexities of other styles. Expect a privacy fence on flat grass or dirt to come in at the low end of the range, but still include cemented fence posts made of treated hemlock, pressure-treated rails, and red cedar fence boards. A custom, hand-built privacy fence will last for decades.

If you need more, then an overlap fence is incredibly strong and durable and looks great. Adding a trellis can enhance the look of the fence, and add a bit of privacy without blocking off the street or neighbours entirely.

Hand-built fences vs. Fence Panels

At Sunbury Fencing, we hand-build our fences for a custom look that always fits the property. Hand-built fences, because they do not have frames that trap water, always tend to last much longer in our wet west coast weather. While a top quality pre-fabricated fence panel will last 15 years, hand-built fences with a high-grade material will last up to 35 years.

Different people have different needs. The Fencing experts at Sunbury Fencing would be happy to discuss the best option for your yard, property, strata, or business and come up with a solution that fits your needs and budget.  Contact Sunbury Fencing today to discuss options and to learn more about fence quality and construction.

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